Mizzou Bystander Intervention Initiative 

The University of Missouri is committed to creating a healthy and safe environment for all students. We are utilizing a new in-person training program, Mizzou Bystander Intervention Initiative (M.U.I.I.), to promote community connectedness and civic engagement with the overall goal of empowering students to get involved in situations where they can prevent, reduce or respond to harm. The Mizzou Bystander Intervention Initiative works to address multiple, interconnected issues including:

  • Interpersonal violence
  • Substance misuse
  • Bias and discrimination
  • Mental well-being/suicidality

Together we can create a community that c.a.r.e.s. about eachother. 

M.U.B.I.I. includes these primary components:

  1. Overview for students: the online  overview course
  2. Conversations that build community: facilitated, in-person group conversations that focus on how to be engaged and caring community members
  3. Network creation and expansion: purposeful connection with existing campus programs and services that support and promote a community of care
  • For more information, contact Katryna Sardis, M.U.B.I.I. Community Organizer, at SardisK@Umsystem.edu  

Online Overview Course for Students

  • The online  overview course is part of the overall , M.U.B.I.I. violence prevention approach at Mizzou. It covers some of the reasons you might show caring for others and some ways to prevent harm from happeningat Mizzou.
  • This training includes a list of many supportive resources on campus and in the community.
  • This course is designed for students, however faculty and staff are encouraged to take the course as well, as it provides an overview of the foundation for the M.U.B.I.I. approach at Mizzou.
    • This training could be included as an extra credit opportunity for academic courses or professional development for faculty and staff.

Click here to take the Engage Overview Course

Host a M.U.B.I.I.  facilitation 

  • Bring a M.U.B.I.I. facilitation (and swag) to your classroom, student org, or other group, or request professional development opportunity about M.U.B.I.I. for faculty or staff.

Become a M.U.B.I.I.Facilitator

  • Successful M.U.B.I.I. facilitators will have these skills:
    • The ability to facilitate effective and meaningful conversations with a variety of constituents.
    • The ability to create a space for respectful, productive inquiry and discussion.
    • An awareness of one’s own biases and the ability to limit their impact on conversations.
    • Strong understanding and passion for wellness education and prevention.
    • Baseline knowledge in the four areas of focus addressed in the program.
  • Facilitator registration is through Missouri Partners in Prevention, who uses the  name for this program.  At Mizzou, all materials – including swag! – will be branded as M.U.B.I.I..
  • Facilitator training takes just 3 hours, and includes access to the M.U.B.I.I. Facilitator Guide, additional facilitation resources, and support from both M.U.B.I.I. and Missouri Partners in Prevention staff.
  • If interested in becoming a M.U.B.I.I. Facilitator please reach out to Katryna Sardis, M.U.B.I.I. Community Organizer, at SardisK@Umsystem.edu

M.U.I.I. is Mizzou’s presentation of the statewide   violence prevention strategy, branded for our campus. The  program is funded by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services/Office on Women’s Health, and was created and developed by Missouri Partners in Prevention, based upon research from the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.