The RSVP Center provides a wide array of services to assist students in their educational and personal endeavors.

Education Services

Educationally, we offer programs to expand student’s knowledge surrounding stalking, sexual harassment, sexual violence, and intimate partner/domestic violence. We are often requested as guest lecturers for courses and for student organization meetings, and we also offer our own educational programming throughout the academic year. Our Center offers professional and academic development via volunteering, service learning, work-study opportunities, practicum experiences, and internship opportunities.  Center professionals also serve as content experts to assist students in academic projects and organizational programs.  

Additionally, educational resources and consultation with a staff member is offered to any student wanting to learn more. Feel free to contact us through MU Connect to set up a time to talk to a staff member. 

Case Management Services

The case managers at the RSVP center support students, faculty, and staff, in debriefing, processing, and providing all information necessary to ensure that individuals are able to make the best decision for themselves moving forward. 

All of our services are free and confidential — this means, you are in charge of who learns of your experience and your usage of our services. The Center staff are exempt from the mandated reporting protocol required of university employees. *Except when required by court of law or in the case of immediate or imminent threat of harm to self or others.

Students impacted by sexual violence, relationship violence, or stalking can utilize our support services. Please see the Case Management and Support page for specific information on our support services. 

Appointments can be made via MU Connect.