Case Management Services

The case managers at the RSVP Center support students, faculty and staff in debriefing, processing and providing all information necessary to ensure that individuals can make the best decision for themselves moving forward. All services are free and confidential – this means, you are in charge of who learns of your experience and your usage of our services. The center staff are exempt from the mandated reporting protocol required of university employees. *Except when required by court of law or in the case of immediate or imminent threat of harm to self or others. Students impacted by interpersonal, include gender- and identity-based, violence can utilize our support services.

Please see the Case Management and Support page for specific information on our support services.

Appointments can be made via MU Connect.

Connection to Identity Resource Centers

The identity resource centers within the Division of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity – the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center, the Multicultural Center, the Women’s Center, the LGBTQ Resource Center and the Cambio Center – are indispensable spaces on our campus that provide a sense of belonging to students through programming, educational services and professional development opportunities. The RSVP Center partners with and bolsters these spaces.

In the past, individuals who experienced discrimination or violence have looked to the staff of the Resource Centers for emotional support. The staff of the Resource Centers cannot offer confidentiality to the individuals who might come to them and are not trained to deal with these issues. The RSVP Center ensures students, faculty and staff in need can meet with a trained professional who is confidential, culturally competent and trained to provide support and referrals regarding on- and off-campus resources.

Connection to Office for Insitutional Equity

The Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) enforces the university’s non-discrimination policies, educates about the policies and practices of the University, listens to the concerns of the campus community and connects people to resources that can support them if they experience discrimination or retaliation. The

partners. OIE and the RSVP Center work together to ensure students, staff and faculty are knowledgeable of their rights and options before and during potential investigation, understand the processes available and can pursue those options through the Equity Resolution and Title IX processes. When clients opt for RSVP Center staff to support them during investigations, the RSVP Center serves as the support person during Equity and Title IX processes by allowing the student to have personalized conversations to determine what they feel is the best decision for themselves.