Faculty and Staff

The RSVP Center provides services around our three pillars: Educate, Prevent, and Respond. All of our case management services are free and confidential. Survivors and supporters alike are welcome in our center.

Faculty or staff impacted by sexual violence, relationship violence, or stalking are eligible for our support services. Please see the Case Management and Support page for specific information.

Educational resources, teaching materials, and consultation with a staff member are offered to any University employee wanting to expand your and your student’s knowledge. Check out our Teaching Materials page for more information.

Professional Development Opportunities

The Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center is hosting several professional development opportunities throughout the 2024 Spring Semester! Below are the descriptions of our current programs. Email us at rsvp@missouri.edu to get registered today!

Mizzou Bystander Intervention Initiative 

The University of Missouri is committed to creating a healthy and safe environment for all students. We are utilizing a new in-person training program, Mizzou Bystander Intervention Initiative (MUBII), to promote community connectedness and civic engagement with the overall goal of empowering students to get involved in situations where they can prevent, reduce, or respond to harm. Mizzou Bystander Intervention Initiative works to address multiple, interconnected issues including alcohol and other drug use, issues of bias and discrimination, interpersonal violence, and mental well-being.  

Training Calednar:  

Date Facilitation  
2/2/24MUBII: Overview Presenation – Zoom @ 11 a.m. 
2/9/24MUBII: Bias & Discrimination Deeper Dive – Zoom @ 11 a.m. 
2/16/24MUBII: Mental Health Deeper Dive – Zoom @ 11 a.m. 
2/23/24  MUBII: Interpersonal Violence Deeper Dive – Zoom @ 11 a.m. 
3/1/24MUBII: Alochol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Deeper Dive – Zoom @ 11 a.m. 
Date Facilitation  
4/2/24MUBII: Overview Presenation – Zoom @ 1 p.m. 
4/9/24MUBII: Interpersonal Violence Deeper Dive – Zoom @ 1 p.m. 
4/16/24MUBII: Mental Health Deeper Dive – Zoom @ 1 p.m. 
4/23/24  MUBII: Bias & Discrimination Deeper Dive – Zoom @ 1 p.m. 
4/30/24MUBII: Alochol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Deeper Dive – Zoom @ 1 p.m. 

We would really appreciate it if you would pass this along to anyone you know who may be interested as well as potentially sharing this more broadly within your networks. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at rsvp@missouri.edu. We look forward to hearing from you!