We offer programs to expand students’ knowledge surrounding interpersonal, including gender- and identity-based, violence. We are often requested as guest lecturers for courses and for student organization meetings; we host educational programming and events each semester.

Our center offers professional and academic development via volunteering, service learning, work-study opportunities, practicum experiences and internship opportunities. Center professionals also serve as content experts to assist students in academic projects and organizational programs.

Educational resources and consultation with a staff member is available to any student who wants to learn more. Feel free to contact us through MU Connect to set up a time to talk to a staff member.

RSVP Peer Educator Presentations:

Understanding Rape Culture (50 min.)

RSVP Peer Educators lead an interactive presentation on what rape culture looks like and how it manifests in our daily lives. Additionally, you will learn about sexual violence, media-supported violence and some ways we can advocate for meaningful change in society. (45-60 minutes required)

Relationship Violence on a College Campus (50 min.)

Designed to share foundation-level information about relationship violence. Facilitators walk participants through multiple scenarios of relationships that experience violence. Participants will learn signs of an abusive relationship, how to safely intervene, and campus and community resources that are available to those who experience relationship violence. (45-60 minutes required)

Stalking on a College Campus (50 min.)

Designed to share foundation-level information about stalking, especially as applicable to a college campus. Participants will be challenged to examine their own ideas about stalking

and how the minimization of this crime through language perpetuates rape culture. (45-60 minutes required)

How To Help a Friend (50 min.)

Exploration of the RSVP Center’s Listen. Believe. Support model for violence prevention with tips and tricks for navigating these conversations in your own life. (50 minutes required)

Requesting a Presentation

If you are interested in having a representative from our office visit your classroom, organization meeting, or function, please complete the following form.  

*Please review the time length of the presentation you are requesting. Times cannot be shortened, but could run over if groups are involved in engaging dialogue. 

**Programs must be requested at least two weeks prior to the first desired date. We cannot accommodate presentations with less than two weeks notice.