About Us

The RSVP Center works with individuals of all identities. This includes race, ability status, religion, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. We know that sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking happen across all identities. We take pride in ensuring that any person who enters through our door will receive excellent support that validates and empowers them to begin their healing journey.


A campus community intolerant of and free from stalking, sexual harassment, as well as dating, intimate partner, and sexual violence.


The Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP) Center aims to promote social change on Mizzou’s campus and in the local community by serving students, faculty, and staff through our educational, preventative, advocacy, and response efforts. The RSVP Center demonstrates a commitment to preventing and ultimately eliminating instances of stalking, sexual harassment, and as well as dating, intimate partner, and sexual violence within the campus community by provide free and confidential support and advocacy services, a broad range of educational programs, resources, and outreach events to promote academic success, personal wellness, and overall awareness.