Green Dot

What is a Green Dot?

A Green Dot is your individual choice at any given moment to make our campus safer. It can be any

  • behavior
  • choice
  • word
  • attitude

that promotes safety for everyone and communicates utter intolerance for power-based personal violence (rape, sexual assault, relationship violence, child abuse, and stalking).

Why do Green Dots matter?

To reduce power-based personal violence, a cultural shift is necessary. In order to create a cultural shift, a critical mass of people must believe:

  • Violence will not be tolerated at Mizzou.
  • Everyone is expected to their part.

Power of Green Dot

Green Dot creates momentum through the power of a common language and purpose.The goal of Green Dot at Mizzou is to help individuals see that their behaviors‚ choices‚ words‚ and attitudes are part of something bigger.

Find out more about the Green Dot program.

No one has to do everything, but everyone can do something!