Request an Interview

Looking for an interview for a paper or story? Thank you for your interest! Our request system has changed this year. Please read the information below and then click here to make a request via OrgSync.

Also, consider taking this free, self-guided course about Reporting on Sexual Violence from Poynter

We have implemented this form in order to streamline the information for the amount of media and interview requests we receive.

Please note:

  • Filling out this form does not guarantee an interview or a response to the request.
  • Not all requests made are guaranteed to be accommodated even if an interview is granted.
  • The sooner you turn in this form, the better your chances of getting an interview…day-of requests are unlikely to be granted due to staff schedules.
  • This form may only be filled out once per request. Duplicates will not be answered.
  • RSVP Center staff members do not comment on active cases, nor “in light of recent events”. Requests of this nature will not receive a response.